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New android Version 7

New android version 7 is coming soon.Beta version of new android is named Android N.You can also suggest name for new android.
New important features of android N is following
Multi-window mode
You can run different apps at same timealso split screen mode is available for android N
One notification for all app.
You can select apps and you can group it into one
Faster app optimization in Android N
Faster reboots in everytime
Dark mode
control to limit the amount of blue light in your display
Put emergency info on your lock screen
Android N now has a setting that allows you to provide a link to your emergency information on your lock screen, including your name, blood type, address, allergies and other essential information that may be required if you find yourself in an accident and unable to communicate

Hello World!

Hello ,
It is my personal blog created for the tech lover and people who respect the discovers!!!!!
I am currently managing the website
and i am the owner and admin of drops
I don't like spam posts so i never post a spamy one
My world is surrounded in internet and web-designing
So i will help you to make a huge change in internet world
I am capable of creating website,blog,social networking website,custom email,online file management system,cloud storages,Search engines (I never made such website indipendent of  software | but i am little expert in these software )
If you have any doubts on these subject i will surely help you
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